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Yirmiyahu Street

Text: Libi Daon / Illustrations: Lena Guberman / Publisher: Kinneret

Distribution: May 2018

A new playground is about to be built on Yirmiyahu Street and the Haruvi family are worried, they like quiet. How will the neighbors on Yirmiyahu Street convince the Haruvi family that there are wonderful noises in the world? What would make the whole street laugh together with a big, rolling and very restless laugh?

Family Activities

Living among other families is a gift. Having neighbors helps you feel less lonely, and provides opportunities for friendships, help, and sharing.


Classroom Activities

Dear Parents,

 A good neighbor

Living among other families is a gift. Having neighbors helps you feel less lonely, and provides opportunities for friendships, help, and sharing. Having neighbors also means we must learn to be considerate of and sensitive to others. The Haruvis slowly learn to live in peace with their neighbors, even when the bulldozer makes an awful racket. This book is all about being neighbors, and the wonderful sounds that come from the heart.


Yirmiyahu Street is the last PJ Library book you will be receiving this year. We hope you have enjoyed the books, and wish you a wonderful summer vacation, with lots of books and plenty of laughter!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • You are welcome to leaf through the book, and look at Lena Guberman's unique illustrations closely. Make sure you read the words and signs in the illustrations too! Has anything about the illustrations made you laugh? They are all made of colorful fabrics, thread, and wool. Perhaps you would also like to look for a piece of cloth or an old sock, cut it up, glue or sew it together, to make your own special artwork.
  • You may want to discuss the Haruvis' demand for quiet, and their neighbors' responses with your child. Have you ever been asked to change your habits in order to be more considerate of others, such as family members or neighbors? Did that request seem reasonable or over the top? Having read the story together, you may be reminded of your own neighbors. Who have you not seen in a while, and would like to invite over to your house?
  • Perhaps you would like to take a walk around the neighborhood. What does it look like? Who are your neighbors, and do you know them all? Do you spend time together, or help each other out? You may want to draw or make a model of your neighborhood together, and add those who live in each apartment or house.
  • Would you like to play "silence"? You're welcome to whisper to one another, play in silence, walk on tiptoes, eat quietly, and even try to laugh without making a sound. Would you have passed the Haruvis' "quiet neighbor test"?
  • You may enjoy discussing the following with your family or sharing it with your neighbors: Does anything require improvement or repair in your shared space? You could initiate some neighborhood activities, such as decorating the shared stairwell, planting a community garden, or helping one another in your community. Put together an action plan, and get started.
  • Laughter is an easy and fun way of coping, it makes you happy, and can even be contagious. Perhaps you would like to try laughing while making every possible sound: Hoo hoo hoo, Ho ho ho, Ha ha ha, He he he, Hee hee hee. Start laughing and change sounds each time. Did your laughter "roll and tickle"? Did it lift your mood?

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