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The Magical Letter

Text and Illustrations: Elinor Milchan / Translation to Hebrew: Adi Zelichov Relevy / Publisher: Yedioth Ahronoth Books

Distribution: November 2019

As he discovers writing, Nitai decides to write his first letter to his mother. The story, told from the viewpoint of the simple white page, tells how Nitai’s letter, passed from person to person, magically touches each one. This charming book speaks to the power of words to bring joy, to bridge difference and to express compassion and to encourage.

Family Activities

Just like the earth spins round and back again, the letter Nitay writes to his mother returns to him, and brings him the same kind of comfort it had brought many others.


Classroom Activities

Dear Parents, 

Just like the earth spins round and back again, the letter Nitay writes to his mother returns to him, and brings him the same kind of comfort it had brought many others. What makes this letter magical? What transforms a clean sheet of paper into a heartwarming note? This book is about the power of the written word, and unveils how comforting, appeasing, delightful and encouraging words can be.


A good word

A good word can fill us with joy, light up our day, spur love, and connect people. In the Book of Proverbs, King Solomon writes the following about the power of words: "Some speak like the piercings of a sword; but the tongue of the wise is health" (Proverbs, 12:18). This verse describes how mighty words can be: we can express ourselves in a hurtful manner, like the piercings of a sword, but can also use our words wisely, thereby bringing health and love.


Enjoy reading and discussing this book together!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • You may enjoy looking at the special illustrations together while reading the book. You may want to discuss whether letters can indeed have feelings, and whether you recognized the boy who received the letter at the end of the book.
  • What is known and unknown in the book? Perhaps you can guess: What did Nitay's mother, Lily, whisper in his ear at night? What did the letter say? Why was the man on the bus angry? And why were the old man and his daughter sad? Remember, there are no wrong answers – that's the magic of the story!
  • The illustrations combine photographs with drawings. You may want to print out a family photo or a picture of your child on a black and white printer, and then color in the printout using color pencils, enriching it with color and a creative imagination.
  • Sometimes we keep special letters for a long time – official letters, love letters, or letters we received from friends. Have you also kept any special letter? Perhaps you could share such a letter with your child, and tell them who wrote it to you, and what it is about. Inspired by this book, you could start writing letters to one another, and keeping them in a special place.
  • A letter need not be long, and does not necessarily require an envelope. You could surprise your child by sticking notes on their lunchbox or bathroom mirror, or placing them under their pillow. Whichever way you choose – spreading a good word wherever you go is the best!
  • Who would love to receive a "magical letter" from you? Perhaps a member of your family, a neighbor or classmate? You can go ahead and write one together, put it into an envelope, and mail it. You would not believe how much happiness a letter can bring.
  • How about writing a letter in invisible ink? Squeeze a lemon, dip a cotton swab into the lemon juice, and use it to write a note on a white sheet of paper. Your hidden message will only be seen by those who shine a flashlight under your letter.

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