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Text: Oded Burla / Illustrations: David Hall / Publisher: Am Oved

Distribution: January-Febuary 2018

The beloved writer Oded Burla invites the animals to celebrate Purim at a special masquerade ball. All the animals are disguised: the rabbit – as a purple swan, the hedgehog – as a green horse, and the crow – as a donkey. How could it be that the fox won the prize for the most beautiful costume?

Family Activities

What do we see on the outside, and what hides inside? How did the fox fool the other animals during the masquerade? This amusing Purim tale contains important messages for all ages.  


Classroom Activities

Dear Parents,

What do we see on the outside, and what hides inside? How did the fox fool the other animals during the masquerade? This amusing Purim tale contains important messages for all ages.


Animal Fables

Stories about animal protagonists have been part of human culture for many years. By attributing human characteristics to animals, such tales often provoke thoughts and reflection on human nature.

The crafty fox features in many stories, and demonstrates to listeners how one should not behave. In this amusing book by Oded Burla, the fox surprises the other animals, as well as the readers, and shows us all the importance of looking beyond external disguises, and getting to know the inner person inside each of us.


Laughter and Humor

What do you find funny? And your child? Do you laugh from the same things? In books, as in life, we find humor in role reversal, situations that are neither logical nor realistic, exaggeration, unexpected surprising twists in the tale, and so on. Humor opens the door to creative, free thinking, and can show us how to see ourselves, and follow the straight and narrow.


Oded Burla (1915–2009)

Oded Burla, author, poet, and painter, was born in Jerusalem to a Sephardi family who had lived in Eretz Israel for more than thirteen generations. Oded's father, Yehuda Burla, was also an author, and wrote award-winning adult literature. Oded attended the agricultural school in Mikveh Israel, followed by Bezalel Art academy. His first book was published when he was 45 years old, and he wrote and illustrated more than 70 children's books, in which, he once claimed, 346 different kinds of animals are mentioned! Burla is famous for introducing nonsense into children's literature in Hebrew; his books are brimming with sophisticated humor, surprising, and witty phrases. He has been awarded many prizes for his work: the Zeev Prize, ACUM Prize, and Bialik Prize.


Enjoy reading the book together, laugh and be merry!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • Who dressed up as whom? You may want to look at the illustrations together, and look for the disguised animals mentioned in the story. Can your child recognize them all? Who, in your opinion, has the best costume? To whom would you have awarded the prize?
  • A stuffed animal masquerade: Make costumes and masks for your stuffed toys, set a table with fine food, and sing Purim songs together. Who will win the costume competition, and what will the jackpot be?
  • Competition and fair play: You may want to stop reading for a moment at the point where the animals argue, each one thinking it had the best costume, and ask your child to describe the decision-making process for which they would have opted. You could use this book as a platform for discussing achievements, competition, and the feelings associated with winning and losing.
  • The crafty fox: You may want to discuss the fox's behavior with your child. Did he deserve to win the costume competition? The fox is portrayed as cunning in many stories. Do you know any other books on foxes, such as The Fox and the Grapes, The Chickens and the Fox, or Fox Fables? You could search for them and read them together.
  • Purim of the past: Do you remember a special childhood costume? You may enjoy sharing childhood experiences related to Purim and dressing up with your child. You could also look at family photo albums, and be reminded of parents', siblings', and children's past costumes.
  • Oded Burla is the author and illustrator of many children's books, among them: A Smile on every Corner, The Melody, and Oded Burla's Big Book. You may want to look for more of his books at the library, and enjoy them together.

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