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Kish Kish Karya: Proverbs for Children

Written by: Amiram Raviv & Hagit Benziman / Illustrated by: Menahem Halberstadt / Publisher: Kinneret

Distribution: May 2020





Family Activities

What should we not cry over? Who called whom black? And what does it mean to be between a rock and a hard place?


Classroom Activities

 Dear Parents,


Proverbs and Idioms

What should we not cry over? Who called whom black? And what does it mean to be between a rock and a hard place?

Proverbs and idioms enrich our language, and pass on the wisdom of previous generations. They remind us that language is more than a means of communication – it is an expression of our culture and tradition. By knowing and using these proverbs and idioms, we enrich the language we speak, making it more vivid and profound.


Enjoy reading and discussing this book together!


"All good things come to an end" – this book celebrates the completion of five years of friendship between your family and PJ Library. We hope you have enjoyed reading the books you had received together, and wish your children many more years of joy reading books!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • You may want to look at the table of contents, choose a different idiom each time, and read the story that demonstrates it. Perhaps you could pick your favorite one, tell your child when you use it, and why you are so fond of it. If there is an idiom that your child particularly likes, ask them to tell you when they use it, and why they are so fond of it.
  • The illustrations in this book are amusing, as they are a mixture of realistic and imaginary elements. You too could collect your favorite proverbs, illustrate them, and create your own family book of proverbs and idioms.
  • How about playing a form of charades? You could each pick an idiom, and act it out. Were others able to guess which one you chose?
  • Was your child familiar with the proverbs and idioms in the book before reading it? Do you and your child know any other expressions? Perhaps there are unique ones, whether in Hebrew or other languages, that are used by your family members? You could visit your grandparents, or uncles and aunts, and ask them to teach you a new proverb.
  • You may enjoy making up your own idiom. Were you able to come up with one? If so, please send it to us, at pjisrael@hgf.org.il

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