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I love searching

Written by: Miriam Roth / Illustrated by: Ora Ayal / Publisher: Hakibbutz Hameuhad

Distribution: May 2018

When you search – you find, but not always what you lost.
A cute little boy helps Granny find her glasses, and in the meantime learns about searching and finding.

Family Activities

"I can’t find my shoes…" "I've lost my lunchbox…" "I found a ball in the street…"  


Classroom Activities

Dear Parents,

"I can’t find my shoes…"

"I've lost my lunchbox…"

"I found a ball in the street…"


We often lose things, and feel awful while searching for them. Ehud, however, happens to like searching for things. He turns the search into an adventure, and every find into a celebration.


Returning Lost Property

"… every lost thing of your brother's, which he has lost, and you have found; you may not ignore…" (Deuteronomy 22:3)

Lost and found property is part of everyone's daily life, particularly children's.

Sometimes, while looking for one item, we end up finding another, which is just as good and makes us equally happy. When finding an item than someone else has lost, it is sometimes difficult to let go of it and return it. At times it is also difficult to identify its rightful owner. The Torah guides us to refrain from ignoring any lost property we find, and instead to make the effort to return it to whomever it belongs to.


Enjoy reading the story!



פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • Look at the illustrations together. Have you noticed that the pages on which Ehud is searching for the items he had lost are in black and white, whereas the ones on which he finds things are in color? Perhaps you could ask your child to leaf through the book, and search for the items Ehud found in the black and while illustrations: the puppy, steering wheel, and frog.
  • Many children find "treasures" and ask to keep them: colorful leaves, small items, special rocks. You may want to decorate a shoebox together, and turn it into a treasure chest.
  • You could also go hunting and searching in your close surroundings. Take a bag or basket along in which to place small and interesting items. You may want to keep these items at home on a shelf in your child's bedroom, or in the treasure chest you have prepared.
  • Searching and finding can be a lot of fun! You may enjoy playing "hot-cold" together. Ask your child to close their eyes, and hide an object in the room. When your child opens their eyes, tell them to look for the item while hinting at its location using the words "cold", when your child is getting further away from the item, "warmer" as they get closer, and "hot, hot, boiling!" when they reach the spot.
  • Is your child a "search wizard" too? Do they also help you find items you have lost? Together you may want to remind yourselves how they helped you find an item you had lost.

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