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I Can Do It Too!

Written by: Yona Tepper / Illustrated by: Shahar Kober / Publisher: Sifriyat Poalim

Distribution: March 2018

Noga and her father walk hand in hand to Gan. The conversation between them and the game they play, make their shared time together especially enjoyable. A new book by the beloved writer Yona Tepper.

Family Activities

How do you make your way to kindergarten with your child in the morning? Are you in a hurry? Are you relaxed? What do you notice on your way?  


Classroom Activities

Dear Parents,

How do you make your way to kindergarten with your child in the morning? Are you in a hurry? Are you relaxed? What do you notice on your way?

In this book, Noga's father paints their walk together in bright colors, and accompanies her with conversation, imagination, and playfulness.

Daily routine activities often create friction between parents and children, but they can also serve as wonderful opportunities for shared experiences and bonding.


"Train up a child in the way he should go" (Proverbs, 22:6)


The Book of Proverbs, brimming with wise sayings, is advising us to note that each child has its own special way, and as parents and educators we must try to adapt our educating methods to their unique personality.

Noga's father is attentive to her. He plays along with her, follows her interests, and encourages her to continue developing the game she had begun.

And so the walk to kindergarten becomes a realm for fun and creative make-believe.


Enjoy reading and discussing the book together, and have fun doing all the activities!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • You may want to join Noga and her father by acting the story out. Every time Noga meets an animal, you could do as she does: spread out your wings like a butterfly, crawl like a tortoise, or roar like a lion.
  • Guess who: you could play charades, mimicking an animal, and letting the other guess which one you are.
  • Reading the illustrations: you may want to suggest that your child leaf through the book and tell you the story by the order of the illustrations.
  • Do you drive to kindergarten together, or walk? What do you see on your way? Who or what do you come across? Perhaps you might like to pay attention to flowers, trees, buildings, or even find large and small animals.
  • Do you also have a game that helps you pass the time enjoyably on your way to kindergarten?
  • Here is a list of ideas for games you can play on your way: Parent hums a tune and child tries to guess it and sing along. You could decide what to look for on your way (certain color cars, a cat, bird, or police car). You're welcome to gallop, skip, or jump all the way to your kindergarten gate. Perhaps you would like to pick a certain mode of transportation (airplane, tractor, motorbike), and parent can put child on their shoulders and pretend to get to kindergarten on it. You could play a memory game to familiarize yourselves with the route: what will we be seeing next? A store, a tall building, a tree, and so on. You could collect something on your way, such as special shaped leaves or rocks.

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