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Holidays, Seasons and me

Editors: Mirik Snir & Yona Tepper / Illustrated by: Gil-Ly Alon Curiel / Publisher: Hakibbutz Hameuchad

Distribution: Febuary 2018

A collection of popular and beloved holiday poems, written by our best children’s song writers, accompanying us in the circle of the year: Shabbat, birthday, holidays and seasons. A nostalgic treasure that will touch the hearts of both parents and children.

Family Activities

Classroom Activities

Dear Parents, 

"You have planted tunes in me, my mother and father…"

                                                                             (Fania Bergstein)

 We become familiar with holiday songs from an early age; they are etched into our souls, and are passed from one generation to the next. Songs give holidays their special flavor, enhancing it with words, symbols, and sounds, becoming an integral part of our yearly calendar.

Many of the songs contained in this book were written years ago by intellectuals and educators who put in time and effort to create a vibrant Hebrew culture for local children. Some of these songs will put a nostalgic smile on Israeli-born readers' faces; for others, who were not raised here, this book serves as a wonderful opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Israeli soundtrack.


Enjoy reading and discussing the book together!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • You may want to sit comfortably and leaf through the book together, selecting a different song each time using the illustration alongside it, the season of the year, or an upcoming holiday. Do you know them all? Perhaps your child has learned a song in preschool that you had not heard before? This book is a gift for the entire year, please remember to open it before each holiday.
  • Perhaps you would enjoy looking at Gil-Ly Alon Curiel's beautiful illustrations together. Can your child identify the season or holiday depicted in them? Do you notice any items in the illustrations that can also be found in your own home? You may want to look for them together.
  • You may enjoy making up your own moves to the songs. For instance: in "Pinkie for Peace" [Zeret LeShalom] your fingers can touch; in "Little Clown" [Leytzan Katan] you could dance round and round; and in "Moses in the Basket" [Moshe Bateva], you may want to rock your child in your arms.
  • Which holidays do you like best? This collection of songs refers to every special time of year – Shabbat, Rosh Hashana, Succot, Hanukkah, Tu Bishvat, Purim, Pesach, Yom HaAtsmaut, and Shavuot. You may want to share memories of past holidays with your child.
  • These songs could also help you share family plans for an upcoming Shabbat or holiday with your child. You may want to ask them, for instance, what they would like to dress up as on Purim, or what kind of cake they would like for their birthday.
  • Do you know any other holiday songs? You may want to remind one another of them, sing them together, and perhaps even dance along!

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