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Can You Hear a Coo, Coo?

Written by: Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh / Illustrated by: Marc Lumer / Translated to Hebrew by Shoham Smit and Amnon Katz / Publisher: Dani Books

Distribution: November 2019

Introducing young readers to the story of Noah’s Ark, this book, replete with striking illustrations, allows children to accompany the animals on their way to the ark with delightful animal noises and rhymes.

Family Activities

All the animals, two by two, sing in a chorus of voices and rhymes. They know that in stormy weather, friends should stick together!


Classroom Activities

Dear Perents, 

All the animals, two by two, sing in a chorus of voices and rhymes. They know that in stormy weather, friends should stick together! Just like the animals in this book, young children also learn to take steps together in joyful friendship.


“Two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes, 4:9)

Partnership and friendship make us feel safe and happy. Does your child also ask you to watch them on the slides, play with them, and tuck them into bed at night?

Can You Hear a Coo Coo? Is the first book in this year’s SPLK (Sifriyat Pijama for Little Kids) series.

When parents read with their children, they experience pleasure, intimacy, and love. Young children like to curl up with their parents and a book, enjoy a cuddle and some warmth. Together with you, they have fun, feel safe, and learn that “two are better than one”.


Enjoy reading and discussing the book together!

פעילות בחיק המשפחה

  • You may want to leaf through the book together, enjoy the colorful illustrations, and look for the various animals. Can your child name them all? Have you noticed who waits for the animals on the final page? You may enjoy making different animal sounds each time, and asking your child to look for its illustration in the book.
  • Once you have read the story over several times, your child may be able to answer questions such as “how does a dove coo?”, or “how does a duck quack?”. You may also want to play a game: you could each make an animal sound, and ask the other to name the animal.
  • Perhaps you would like to make simple puppets with which to act out the story. Take some old socks, stuff them with cotton wool, sew on a button for a nose, draw a pair of ears and eyes, and make any animal puppet you like – your very own mouse, snake, or turtle.
  • You could play with stuffed or plastic animals, arranging them in pairs in a long line. Perhaps an old shoebox can be turned into Noah’s ark, sheltering the animals from the oncoming storm.
  • Does your child also like to hold your hand when you’re out on the street together? How about this novel way of walking hand in hand: let your child place their feet on yours, now hold their hands, and walk together.

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