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“Sifriyat Pijama enriched the children in our preschool in so many ways, far beyond language skills: it contributed in the emotional-social arena, in the values that the books brought up, in awareness of nature and environment, and in the continuum of activities in preschool and at home. The books offered opportunities for imaginations to fly to places we would not have visited without them. The stories, the illustrations, the language, the emotions and above all the amazing experience of receiving the books nourished us in so many ways and brought so much meaning and joy. Through the pleasure, creativity and the dramatic plays that the books inspired, we enriched our inner lives. For all this, we, the children of Rimon Preschool in Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev offer our profound thanks.”


“I am the mother of Inbar, age 4 1/2, from the Nurit kindergarten in Ofra. Inbar and I receive the Sifriyat Pijama books this year. I purposely note that “we” receive the books, because they are indeed a gift for both of us, parent and child. We both benefit from the pleasurable experience of our encounter with the book. On the days when we receive a new book from the kindergarten we begin our celebration in the afternoon hours, when Inbar returns home with the blue bag. (She simply has to hear me read the story during lunch.) Of course, her Dad is involved in the celebration around the book as well. He is responsible for the bedtime reading at night. The conversation with Inbar around the story is pure pleasure…” Mirit B. 



“On several occasions my youngest daughter has brought home a Sifriyat Pijama book from kindergarten. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work!
First of all, I started to read Hebrew! Of course, it is still baby steps, 
but I’m glad I’m taking them with Sifriyat Pijama. Secondly, your books help me feel closer to my girls. When I read, they have a rare opportunity to teach their mother something new. In short, I am very grateful for your important work and I wish you much success.”
Elena Levtrinskaya (Russian immigrant and resident of Nesher)
PJ Israel
PJ Israel