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Our book selection committee, made up of experts in literature, child development, general and Jewish education, meets regularly and reviews hundreds of books each year. We look for books that deal with universal values or ideas found in Jewish tradition and books related to Israeli/Jewish heritage and culture. We put an emphasis on books with a strong story line that will engage young children. Representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Education are on our book selection committee. We are in constant contact with publishers, children’s book reviewers, children’s librarians, teachers and authors who recommend books for us to consider.

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If you wish to submit a book or manuscript to us: Books and manuscripts are considered between 1/8 – 1/12 each year, with a strong preference for material in Hebrew (manuscripts are considered ONLY in Hebrew). Please refrain from submitting materials at other times of the year.  Materials can be sent as a PDF to pjisrael@hgf.org.il. Or by regular mail to our office: Sifriyat Pijama, Bezalel 10, Ramat Gan 5252110, Israel. Books and illustrations sent to our office will not be returned.

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